Friday, May 29, 2009

My Gay Agenda, 5.29.2009

1. Go to work.
2. Interview Zachary Richard.
3. FollowFriday my Twitter friends.
4. Audition a show I'm working on this summer.
5. Have dinner with my boyfriend.


  1. My Gay Agenda, 5.29.09

    1. Thank you for starting this.
    2. Marvel at the zest and creativity of our community, of which this is the perfect example.
    3. Gloat and crow a little, internally, over the fact that I get to be the first commenter.
    4. Thank you again, brother.

  2. 1. Ride my bike to work.
    2. Fix a ton of computers.
    3. Drink a slushie.
    4. Play World of Warcraft with my [insert your favorite term for "love of my life" here].
    5. Fix my friend's bike.

    [This is a great idea!]

  3. 1. Wake up my kid
    2. Kiss my wife
    3. Make breakfast for my kid
    4. Take kid to preschool
    5. Go to work
    6. Go home
    7. Fix cocktails for my wife and I
    8. Family dinner - two moms and a daughter
    9. After dinner video for kid then bath and bedtime stories
    10. If I'm lucky, get time to chat with my wife

  4. 1. Go to work
    2. Go home and SLEEP. TIRED.
    3. Maybe order pizza. Sounds yummy.
    4. Catch up on reading a few things before tomorrow's writing group.
    5. Watch a dvd. The Starter Wife or Star Trek: Deep Space Nine? hmm.
    6. Play with my dog, who says he doesn't get nearly enough attention, even though he's been sitting on top of me for the last two hours, and who also says he might need pizza, too.
    7. Answer emails that I've been too tired to reply to.

  5. snooze for far too long
    2.wake up my friend so we can finish packing our stuff
    3.get some of my stuff to my boss' house
    4.send books home for a far too high price while become friends with the post guy.
    5.attend a talk about some crazy stuff, my last talk in this campus :(
    6. say goodbye to the last friends who are left here... so sad...
    7. get my stuff in my friend's car and drive to DC!!
    8. talk with my parents and check how are they doing
    9. maybe have a drink?